About Creative Properties

Creative Properties’ primary focus is on the leasing, sale and maintenance management of residential and commercial properties in Lesotho.

We understand the need and desire for functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing spaces for both residential and commercial purposes, and we are committed to finding the best possible property to match client needs & requirements.

Real Estate

As a real estate agency, Creative Properties offers maintenance management and advertising services for both rentals and sales.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to work with property owners and developers who take great care of their properties in order to ensure tenant and / or buyer satisfaction.

For the property developer, we are a partner dedicated to providing quality research in order to assist and ensure the development of market relevant properties for sale & leasing.

For the property buyer & the rental property seeker, we are the companion to source, investigate & secure the most suitable property in alignment with your determined needs & requirements.


Property Management

Creative Properties offers Property management services to clients with residential and commercial properties and these services will entail the following:

  • Selection of new tenants, the management of existing ones,
  • Attending to maintenance issues,
  • The completion of appropriate paperwork, e.g. new leases, renewal and termination of existing leases, property inspections to ensure the properties are still in good condition in all aspects.
  • Notices of eviction, rental increase, and for requiring tenants to remedy short comings and keeping the property clean and tidy, etc.
  • Marketing the property to attract more customers thus generating more income.
  • Preparation of monthly budgets, monitoring expenses, accounting and payment of property taxes

Maintenance Management

Creative properties offers the following up-keep services:

  • Routine maintenance
  • Damage repairs

These services are done in the following manner:

  • Ensuring that all services of the property are running as they should, e.g. electrical wiring, plumbing, paintwork, flooring, roofing and the surrounding external areas, e.g. lawn, paving, etc.,
  • For multiplexes, ensuring that common areas, e.g. corridors, stairways, lifts, and void decks are in proper working condition
  • Conducting inspections to identify dilapidations and the suggestion of repair work thereof,
  • The sourcing of tradesmen for repair work, obtaining quotes and selecting the best tradesmen through competitive bidding, and in cases where the tenant is responsible for the repair work, bill them accordingly,
  • The identification and purchasing of required materials from suppliers on behalf of the client,
  • The project management of all maintenance work.

Property Marketing and Sales

In the case of property development, Creative Properties aims to be more than a real estate company to the developer. We work hand in hand with developers from the planning stages of the project in the following manner:

  • Liaise with all stakeholders of the project, in order to come up with the best Marketing plan so as to attract our target market.
  • Obtaining endorsements from relevant stakeholders including banks and relevant authorities.
  • Presenting projects to banks for both development finance for the client and home loan finance assistance for potential home buyers
  • Project sales and after sale care for home owners